Sensitivity is back! I can have multiple orgasms with my partner – ED & DE cured

Hello, so I’m back.

I have been gone for many months, enjoying my relationship strangely which I never thought I’d say.

In the months that have passed, I solely have been relying on my partner and PIV to give me my O’s which by depriving myself of P has worked a dream.

All functionality is back to how it should be. Extremely strong along with my mentality being better than ever, my ED is cured and my DE (which isn’t talked about enough) has also been cured by simply having less contact reversing the “desensitisation” i gave to myself.

Everybody in this community has been great from the moment I got here and I’m actually back for a very good reason. Lately I have noticed my P consumption climbing slightly and this has had a small but noticeable for me impact on my performance and mentality which I’ve decided I’ll come back for to regain.

It’s not a relapse really as everything is in working order and it is only small amounts currently but I refuse to let it come back and ruin me once more like it did for five years.

So yes, NoFap does work and it works extremely well. This was my last resort and I remember thinking it was a strange cult and that I was silly for doing it but the results speak for themselves and when I realised I can have meaningful O’s with my partner from normal PIV I genuinely almost cried.

So don’t give up hope, ever. I relapsed 4 times and had a maximum streak of 11 with another 3 9 day streaks, this cured me personally but some people need less or longer. It’s patience but god is that patience worth it.

So let’s celebrate that success and carry on with the program regardless, there’s nothing healthy about P consumption and I refuse to ever let it come back and will stay in this community.

We’ve got this! Together!

LINK – I’ve Returned To Tell of My Success (ED and DE)

By – Whity654