Severe ED – Now, I don’t have a single worry about not getting an erection or maintaining one

Throughout my journey, my benefits did kick in a little slowly and came very late. But I can assure you it was worth the wait and the struggle.

My girlfriend and I have a very strong relationship. It meant a lot to her when I came clean to her about my problem and how I told her that I wanted to overcome this addiction for us. When I finally did, I felt my connection with her got so much more stronger. I am more productive in my day-to-day life. My erections have been fantastic.

In terms of confidence, I feel as if I never really lacked much in it even when I was excessively masturbating. However, I do feel as though I have a higher self-esteem, which does give me more confidence!

Overall, I feel great. I cannot explain my happiness. I look back, and I feel so proud of what I have become.

To answer your question, my life has changed drastically. I feel a lot more happier. I have a higher self-esteem. I am in a very strong, happy relationship of 1 year and 5 months (and counting). I have become a lot better at time management, and getting things done.

I had severe ED! It was a very depressing period for me because I only found out I was struggling with ED once I got into a relationship. My hardest time period for me was the time I had completely stopped being intimate with my girlfriend in order to focus on this journey. It was hard for me because well it made us both sad. But we both knew it was for the best. Once that period was over, which lasted around 53-55 days, it only got better for us. [These days] Erections have been fantastic. Don’t have a single worry about not getting an erection or maintaining one.

I just turned 19. I started NoFap when I was halfway through my 18. Symptoms were severe ED. After doing NoFap, the biggest benefit was to not feel the urge to watch porn and masturbate at all. Gaining self-control. Being more productive. A faster hair growth. Healthier body. I feel a little more buff. These are some of the many benefits I can think of from the top of my head.

I have noticed that I can time manage properly as my mind isn’t just stuck on getting pleasure through masturbation. I can get things done faster. I am more attentive. I find it a lot more easier to get up early in the morning. In terms of motivation, i have seen an improvement. In terms of confidence, I was pretty confidence when I was masturbating excessively. But after I overcame the addiction, my self-esteem increased, which contributed to a slight increase in my confidence!

In addition to all the benefits, appearance wise, my skin is a lot more clear. My hair growth has gone up a lot actually (which is good) to a point where my hairline is actually growing back again haha!

A lot of struggling in the first month, after that it gets slightly easier. You learn how to tackle all kinds of urges. As time goes by, you also train for self-control which is a great weapon against the temptations. If you really are serious about leaving this addiction behind, and stick to your challenge, it’ll be smooth-sailing after one point.

Remember: positive attitude, persistence, and positive mindset are key in this challenge.

Surviving the night could be very difficult at times. For that, I would suggest you go through the posts that all the other fighters post here. It sounds very basic, but it is very helpful. It helps you realize your goals, and motivates you to continue pushing and not giving into your temptations and thoughts. You’ll realize when you get strong boners at night, with temptations and thoughts, they’ll start fading away once you scroll through this sub-reddit and read the posts at night!

Another thing I would add to that, if you don’t have plans for the weekend, do something you are passionate about to keep yourself occupied. Go on walks, go workout! Try to turn your sexual energy into energy that can help you accomplish things. Working out will benefit you a lot, as with the testosterone you will be storing in your body, it can help you gain muscle very quickly, and stay fit!

Another thing that helps is, when you have the chance to sleep early on regular days, and weekends, then do so! Your mind takes advantage of the fact that you’re alone at night, with no one around to listen or watch you. One way to combat that would be to sleep early whenever you can, and also making use of the posts that other fighters post. Trust me, it’ll help.

Lastly, for such nights, if none of the above tips work, think about making use of DNS Servers to block porn-related websites. Here’s a link to one of my old posts on this sub-reddit that talks about how to change your DNS settings: (Refer to tip #1)


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