Sex with my wife has been glorious since I quit


I never really buckled down until a few months ago when I really noticed I had a problem. It all started with me noticing how I treated the people closest to me in my life and how much I actually isolated myself just to get a few minutes of pleasure. I’d even call off work just so I could sit at home at my computer and browse P all day. Then I’d wonder why i was in such a crap mood the rest of the day.

Well lack of sunlight probably didn’t help either.

Long story short –

– Today I’m on Day 26 going on 27 of my streak and even though i’m far from my goal, the benefits are coming in hot right now.

– Motivation for life and extra curriculurs

– Consistent workout schedule has caused me to lose 9 pounds in 1 month.

– Better overall mood and outlook (no longer a pessimist)

– Spending more time with friends and family and treating them better/not snapping at the drop of a hat at everything

– Haven’t called off work and actually am enjoying my job now

I have also already gone through some withdrawal effects, but I have to say, this time they haven’t phased me nearly as bad in the past. It’s like a switch just went off in my head and I just made the ultimate decision to stay away from P.

Sex with my wife has been glorious the past month and i have made it through Phase 1 of the dreaded flatline. I heard it can come back at times, but i’m ready.

Even though I’ve never posted on here before, I just wanted to say that everyone’s stories, motivation and words of wisdom helped me with this. I know i’m far from my goal, but i have not felt more confident than I have in the past 26 days.

I know some days will be tougher than others, but I know now how it feels to be on the other side of the grass – and i must say…it’s a hell of a lot greener than I ever could have imagined.

LINK – Better Mood, Better Life, Better Outlook

By OntheSurf4ce