Sexual abstinence fixed me for good a few years back; here’s my experience

NoFap is something that worked brilliantly for me about a few years back when I literally could not go a single day without either pornography or a session with a hooker. I needed that sexual release every day or multiple times a day to even feel normal.

It was at this point that NoFap combined with several other major lifestyle changes helped me get a grip over myself, be more confident, increase my stress tolerance, and just overall fix my life. Within 8-12 months and after several relapses I was able to hold on long enough to get rid of the constant urge to fap. Bottom line, it worked for me.

A couple of brief pointers. Watch the video below for a more detailed account;

1) Identifying the underlying trigger to my lust for porn helped me moderate my usage a lot more effectively than simply trying to suppress my lust. I realized that often times it was a stressful day or bad argument that drove me to porn as an outlet, and not necessarily my lust for sexual release. Once I began addressing the underlying issue, things got so much easier.

2) Understand that NoFap is only one of many tools to fix your life, not an ultimate solution to all your problems (money, work, school, relationships). To really change your life on NoFap you will have to work just as hard on these other aspects as you do on abstaining from porn.

3) NoFap is not a cure for clinically low Testosterone- if you have that problem there are more efficient way to fix it.

I did a pretty detailed video critically peeling down NoFap and how it can be effective for someone that might have an addiction problem. Give it a watch and let me know any questions you may have;

LINK – Sexual abstinence fixed me for good a few years back, and here’s my experience with some critical commentary on several aspects of NoFap. I hope this helps anyone that may be completely new to this.

by alphaspath