Sexual function improving; smashed an interview for Masters program


I had this interview today for the masters degree in a very popular college here in my country. I felt a little bit anxious before like 15 minutes before the start. Just all the thoughts were running through my mind I was like going crazy I was thinking 10 things at the same time. But I stopped thinking for a moment closed my eyes and started breathing like meditating. Guys it helped a lot I meditated for like until they call out my name.

Then the interview started. They were like three sour face interviewers who were sitting infront of me. And guys I could not beleive myself. I was like a wolf. Only one of them was asking the questions, but while I was answering I looked straight into their eyes with my confident thick voice. I experienced many interviews till now, honestly I was like a meowing cat In the end of this interview those 3 sour faces were smiling.

Even if I dont get accepted. I feel like I accomplished a great job in there. I feel very satisfied. From now on it does not matter if I get accepted or not. Will continue with my journey

This is my 7th or 8th week in NoFap. Had sex 4-5 times which I regret the last one and which I think put me on a flatline. But never gave up I really push myself hard to do things and to be active. Will continue my journey with hard mode since I want semen retention and understood the power of that.

[Lter pst, same thread] And yeah I got accepted to the college which I will start my masters degree.(I was on NoFap while they invited me to interview which I was like a tiger during the interview and I kicked their ass )

Still working as a par time waiter in a place which helps me get out of the comfortzone. Going to gym 3 times a week and weights are still going up. And instead of meditation I started praying 5 times a day which is like kind of a meditation and it gave me a peace inside. Calmer now

Well before when I was masturbating daily I could not even go for the second round and when I ejaculate my penis would go dead immediately.

But now, I dont need an extra thing to go hard (oral, touching etc.) a kiss and a naked body is enough and after the ejaculation I can continue a bit more dont go dead immediately and can handle the second round after around 10-15 minutes. These are the stats of my flatline. My non-flatline stats are way better.

Guys, anyone noticed a such benefit on him/herself that when we try to express ourselves or just talk about something, we are more creative and logical when creating sentences?

I noticed this recently and this is one of the best benefit which I like the most.