Sharper brain, deeper voice, new people talk with me

It’s been 35 days i am clean i am very happy i did it.

I had many long streaks that above +40 days all failed because of wet dreams but i am thankful i failed because that streaks i just didn’t watch porn and didn’t masturbate

But in this streak which is 35 days in my country time i made big changes of my version


1:better eye color mean i fell like it is much bluer than ever
2:a lot energy but i used all in gym and working
3:sharper brain (Einstein brain)
4:more respected by people even some people talk to me in college that we never talked before
5:feeling more productive
6:deeper voice just like man’s voice
7:better skin
8:more ideas, more focus on business, and many more benefits also

my no porn streak is above 115 days
and i had 2 wet dreams
1 on day 7
1 on day 22 i wish tonight i don’t get a one
also i did nearly 650 push ups that made me stronger and i walked a lot
will i reach 90 this time?

LINK – 35 days clean

By GOSUCCESS [this account is no longer available]