Age 28 – Sleep is way better, More confidence, More energy, Clear mind & no brain fog, No depression or social anxiety

So my first time so long without PMO. I have also stopped smoking 6 months ago Got a new job and started Gym


  1. Sleep is way better, i was unable even to sleep, I was lying in bed for hours to sleep. And i had 3 dreams in these time ( i forgot when was the last time before i saw a dream.
  2. More confidence
  3. More energy
  4. More hair growth in beard and less white one in head
  5. Clear mind , no brain fog , more focus
  6. No depression, no social anxiety

I had some urges in these time and wanted to pmo so hard.. I think i done it because of stress and anxiety. So it’s like an addiction.

So I go now only for real things, No pmo, no prostitutes, no online dating..

Thank you NoFap

LINK – 34 days free

by tryhard99