Social anxiety down, motivation and confidence up

I’ve finally made it: 30 days without porn.

It wasn’t easy especially in the beginning days, and now I’m sure that I can make 90 days challenges more easily.

Anyway, I believe that I still need to “reboot” my mind. 30 days is not enough.

So far, these are the things I’ve realized about myself:

– Less social anxiety (I still have only a smaaaaaall feeling).
– Less anxiety.
– More motivation than before (It’s growing).
– Less feeling lazy.
– I can do eye contact easily than before and even with strange people.
– Less feeling shy (it’s almost 0).
– Less overthinking about scenarios that may happen or that may not happen especially with people. (ideas like: what if …).
– coming back to reading books habit (I read every night now).
– I feel more confident than before.

LINK – 30 days without porn, no social anxiety anymore

By Sutsu