Somehow I reached the mythical 90 days yesterday

And it seems that after I survived troubles around days 50-70 (barely, lots of middle circle behaviour that I am not proud of, definitely feel like I undid some progress there…) my mind right now understood that there is no more porn and there won’t be. It isn’t even the “flatline”, because I definitely feel some sex drive, but it’s not oriented at what’s on the screen and right now I just don’t feel any desire to engage at porn.

Other than that, I don’t feel a radical change. Maybe I generally feel calmer, but I still have many things to work on with myself. It’s the mythical 90 days, but it’s only the beginning.

And ahead of me pretty much lies uncharted ground. I think I passed 90 days once before (in first quarter of 2016)… But then I was going crazy from lack of porn around that point and relapsed hard soon after. This time I survived the crazy.

Did you actually feel any quality change around 90, 100, 120 days?

LINK – Somehow I reached the mythical 90 days yesterday

by Albahacus