Age 23 – Sometimes I’m so full of energy and it’s like everything is in HD

Well, I didn’t plan to write here so soon, but suddenly I woke up with this feeling of greatness and will to share.

I had a 43 days streak earlier this year, but now I can see everything I did wrong back then: I kept edging and telling myself I needed to check if it was still working, always looking for excuses and procrastinating in every possible area of my life.

I started to PMO at the age of 12 and haven’t even thought about stopping until the beginning of this year. I felt so numb and had no strength at all to pursue anything.

Today, I’m feeling this fire inside me, pushing me to accomplish important things, to become a better person, to be useful to people around me, and it’s just the beginning. Of course, there are bad days too, but even then, I don’t just lie on my bed trying to forget the world anymore.

Sometimes I’m so full of energy that I don’t know what to do with it, I just go out in the street to see people and it’s like everything is in HD. For now, I just needed to share with you guys, and hopefully, I will write an awesome success story someday.

Keep fighting, warriors! it’s worth it!

LINK – 36 days and feeling amazing

by Cruzado