All men should try nofap to transform their lives. My wealth is growing rapidly

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This is my first video to the no fap community sharing my transformational story and inspired you to get started on your journey. The first time I heard about no fap was in 2018. I read a lot of powerful benefits and transformation other men had in no fap and I felt very intrigued to try it.

I embarked on a no fap hardmode in May 2018. The main reason why I started no fap is to take complete control over my desires, and my impulses. We live in a society where our attention and thoughts are constantly being manipulated by ads, social media and external inputs. I wanted to break free of that matrix and live my own life.

The other equally important reason why I started no fap was because I noticed a drop in my energy level whenever I ejaculated. I have a lot of big goals, and I wanted to see what would happen if I could cultivate that energy instead of letting it go.

The transformation that I saw in my life is so profound. I saw major improvements in all areas of my life such as finance, health, mental wellness, and my confidence & charisma.


I noticed a surge in my energy in 1 week of starting the nofap. I could feel that I was vibrating at a higher frequency.

I had so much energy to do a lot of things in a day and not get tired. My productivity went up through the roof, was getting stronger at the gym, and giving off good vibes in general.



By omni_mode [link no longer available]