Success Story: One Month Pornfree – Sexual Desire, Discipline, Morning Wood, PIED, Ambition have all improved


This is the longest I’ve gone without PMO in 10 years. That’s crazy to me, and if I could go back in time and tell my young self to stop I would. Porn is way to readily available for kids these days.

Day 1-7 -I experienced some small urges. -The shame slightly lifted. -For the first few days I was so disgusted by porn and my habits that I had no urge to PMO, quite the opposite. -Realised my self control is stronger than this addiction (having a strong ‘why’ is crucial)

Day 7-14 -Morning wood came back -Random erections came back -More irritable -Stronger urges -More anxious

Day 14-21 -Erections a lot harder than previous (makes it look a lot bigger) -Not much desire for sex -Not much desire for PMO -Still anxious -More interested in conversations -A lot of energy (almost like I couldn’t sit still —good for gym, not for study) -Appreciating women more

Day 21-30 -Sexual desire back strong -Urges back stronger than ever -Feel like my PIED is a lot better than it was -More ambitious -Better eye contact (must stem from shame)

My discipline is stronger which has started helping other areas of my life. I have more time and I am not thinking about porn all the time. I just feel like a better guy all round. I have more interest in talking to women and feel more confident.

This community has been great for keeping me on the straight and narrow. I will make another post when I get to day 60 bro’s !

LINK – 1 Month Completed!

By – u/Apprehensive-Step410