Thanks to Nofap journey, I got my driving license today

Hey Everyone. So by now you must know some of the main benefits of nofap are

1-Makes you extremely confident 2-Increases Focus level 100 more.

5 times I failed In my driving lessons and each time the reason was low self steam and zero focus on roads because I was fapping 10 times prior to tests. Even before the test started, I completely believed that am gonna fail and thats what exactly happened 5 times. . All these negative thinking+anxiety , zero confidence came from porn and Masturbation.


I am currently at day 85 of nofap My Focus level and Confidence are higher than a skyscraper. Today in my driving test i was so confident and focused, I didn’t make a single mistake. Infact i was so good the police guy.. ended the test quickly.

This level of confidence and focus doesn’t come free. If you want this confidence and be extremely focused, you have to battle this terrible disease, this filthy habit of watching fake people doing fake scripted shit.

Literally my coach to me. : I was blown away by how focused you were today.

Ps: Thanks to god first and always. Its always in his hands,

(you might be at day 1000 and still fail, but that doesn’t mean you shud watch porn n fap and then say: Oh Am not gonna pass because God may be decided I won’t pass this day)

Thank you for reading this. I hope it motivates you.

Nofap is the greatest journey I ever took, You ever took and new guys will ever take. Mark my words

LINK – Thanks to Nofap journey, I got my driving license today. HOW???? i ll explain down below. ( Read the story)

By rockisoo

Earlier post

Without Nofap community this would have been impossible so T H A N K Y O U E V E R Y O N E.

Right now am talking to the hottest girl of my class. 2 months ago whenever i saw her I used run from her. Due to lack of confidence.

So much pain and struggle to be here. Took nearly two years of trying and relapsed over 100 times but with the help of Nofap community.. i reached this stage. Thank you

during these 81 days i never had a wet dream.

100 am a new person completely, porn free, happier, busy.

Just don’t give up, I relapsed 100 times b4 reaching this stage. At the same time note down what made u relapse so next time it won’t happen

The third week I believe is the most difficult week. In day 20-27 ur in survival stage. Do anything to Fight urges My suggestions is shut down ur phone and delete social media. Social media make u relapse u know hoes everywhere flashing

[I quit because] life was hell in all aspects. [Now], much more confident, hired in amazing job (i was confident in the interview that’s how i got the job) , Happier , wake up each day proud.

LINK – 9 days until day 90🔥💪🏻. (Ps: I relapsed 100 times until I got to current day 81)

By rockisoo