The benefits of order

In the ancient days of Rome, Saturnalia was a day set aside for extravagance and freedom to do what was forbidden the rest of the year. Masters served food to their slaves, even took orders from them as a way to show the role reversals of the day. Sexual license was granted to all, and whatever was forbidden to do the rest of the year was allowed on this one special day. In other words, Saturnalia was an upside-down day in a right-sided world. Every fantasy you had, might have been able to be fulfilled that day, but then, the world would return back to order the following day, and would recover from the chaos from the day before.

How different our world is living today, where everyday is the Saturnalia in one way or another. Sexual license is not only allowed, but is daily encouraged from our universities and entertainment culture. “Porn is healthy for you”, they say. “It helps you to figure out your true sexuality”, they say. “The traditional family structure is patriarchal and oppressive” they say. “Sexual progress and freedom is our future” they say. “Sexual austerity leads to Fascism” they say. And on and on it goes, the ever advancing gospel of freedom from our past “sexual slavery.” However, take a solid look around you and tell me who you see who is actually free these days. Free in thought, deed, and free from personal chaos. I hardly know any, I could count them on one hand.

Yes, we live in an upside down world today.

A world of perpetual topsy-turvy. However, everyday you choose to refrain from PMO or porn, is a day you choose to move from less chaos to more order in your personal universe. Maybe the ancients had it right. All of us humans have our fetishes and sexual fantasies etc., and any society that does not deal with that glaring human reality will express this dark energy in even darker ways, thus, the ancients set apart days of sexual license. But, letting that energy run lose everyday of the year is like opening a Pandora’s box of energy that no ‘free’ society could ever control. But maybe that’s the whole point of this modern enterprise, those who cannot control themselves are easy to be controlled.

Thus, let us embrace order in our lives, and let us run from the chaos that is destroying it.

And let us shout from our rooftops and our last dying breath “Freedom is never found in chaos, but only in order!”