The best sex I’ve ever had. For the first time in my life it felt like a personal connection.

Hey guys, pretty short post here.

Went through the flatline pretty hard from around days 15-35. After The flatline ended I hit the dating seen hard, went on a couple dates and ended up meeting a girl I really like. One thing led to another after a couple of dates and we had sex. Legitimately the best, most fun sex I’ve ever had, and it for the first time in my life felt like a personal connection. We were enjoying each other rather than me just using her for sex, which is how my past partners have felt. I owe this all to nofap, and after 55 hard days, I think I’ve earned downgrading down to normal mode.

Thank you all for your posts, they kept me motivated and kept me going. Couldn’t have done it without you all.

LINK – After 55 days of hard mode, I’ve finally transitioned into normal mode!

By – u/Good_Clothes_5941