Age 26 – Biggest effect is I’m relaxed & my anger bursts are under control. Better overall mood & anxiety levels

Hello people,
Today is my 90th day and i just opened an account to write a post and share you how i feel. I actually wanna share because i really don’t know what to do or expect after my 90 days goal finished. This forum helped me a lot at the times of relapse risk.

Firstly i should introduce my previous situation. I was PMO addict especially with virtual reality headsets for the last 2 years and almost PMOing everyday for the last 13 years. I am 27 years old. Only enjoy and relax i had in this life was when PMO.

During this 90 days hard mode i only had 2 release. First one was a wet dream at 55th day and the second was a BJ around 60 days. I experienced blue balls twice around day 30 and 80.

The biggest effect of this nofap thing for me is i became more relaxed and i got my anger bursts under control. My overall mood and anxiety levels got better and I’m not experiencing mood swings like before. I could say that my inner peace balanced in a better and calmer way.

I didn’t have a GF and still don’t have. But i can see the little positive improvements in my interaction with women because I am calmer and i have less anxiety around them.

I was never an asocial type so it didn’t help me a lot with socialization. But it helped to improve my overall stable relationships. I passed my social anxiety around when I was 21 years old. But i can understand and see that how this nofap thing would help anxiety and low social skills at high antisocial people. So if you are one of them u must do this.

My problem now is I really don’t know what to do after this 90 days. I really don’t want to count my days now since I achieved this goal. I don’t want to PMO also. But PMO is the thing i get used to so much in the last 14 years that it became a part of me and I really don’t know how to feel whole without it. So I can feel the emptiness in me at its absence.

All addictions are hard to pass over. Because it creates a hole inside u when u quit them. I hope i can find my way to fill this hole with better things. I also quitted binge youtube watch and mobile games at the same time with nofap. I tried quit smoking but it’s like impossible I couldn’t do it. I smoke 3 packs a day. I hope i can quit it as soon as possible. I don’t wanna have koah or other diseases and die.

My fellow people, it’s really hard to do this nofap thing without relapse, I didn’t relapse and it was my first try and I did it. But i can understand if u relapse and it is totally normal so please dont give up and try again as soon as u relapse and don’t beat yourself too much and don’t got sorry too much.

My thoughts are like this. I hope i can continue without even thinking about it and without counting days as a normal way of life.

See you later my fapstronout friends.

LINK –Today is my 90th day

by Caline