The key was developing new habits. Found the love of my life.

So before Nofap I was a miserable person and had an addiction to fap to my imagination. First I tried to get rid of it by trying to avoid every pornography possible but I would give in to my imagination. I didn’t have a lot of trouble with pornography but instead I actually had trouble issues with excessive masturbation.

I was lurking here and there on this sub reddit trying to find a solution. So I finally found my solution and that is that I simply developed new habits. From being a masturbation addict to reading books, being open to everyone and finding the love of my life.

So how did I manage to do it. It’s simple, don’t focus on trying to actively avoid it because that way you’ll always have something on your mind relating to PMO, instead try to develop new habits and try to find new things to do in your daily life.

What worked personally for me? hitting the gym, reading about nutrition and philosophy and experimenting new things on my body like water fasting, intermittent fasting and challenging myself daily.

What I have learned from experience is that our brains are hard wired for success and orgasm is basically a form of success to our brain which makes us lazy due to the dopamine overload that we get from fapping. So keeping it simple we should keep ourselves engaged in challenging ourselves and through that way we can get a dopamine rush that we get from fapping.

LINK – Nofap update 124 days.. Transformation

By FearTheLegion