The most important benefit I’ve experienced these 90 days is eliminated anxiety.

I stand before you all as a new man. A man who has been freed from his addiction that held him captive for half of his life. I use to be the guy that was afraid to go after what he wanted. I use to be content jerking off in my room to fake fantasies. Now I’m someone who doesn’t watch porn.I’m ready to leave that life behind and live a new one. A real one. I won’t be on here as much. I’ll be out scuba diving, rock climbing and Kayaking.

Benefits: The most important benefit I’ve experienced these 90 days is eliminated anxiety. My anxiety is gone and I’m able to relax and connect with myself. I’m happier, I do the things I like to do, I connect with people better, and just live a better quality. There’s so many more benefits but I want you all to find out what they are for yourselves and you will.

LINK – Day 90: The Otherside

by buzzerbeater94

Update Day 104: Life After Porn So far

It’s been 104 days since I quit watching porn and I’m beginning to think that I’ve finally rebooted. I’m starting to see life for what it really is. Life is about growing. Nofap is just single part of my life. Me being addicted to porn was something that happened to me. I learned from it, grew and now it’s no longer in my life. My porn addiction actually seems quite small in the grand scheme of things when I looked at it. It use to seem so big and powerful back when I was trying to quit. I learned that I wasn’t just addicted to watching porn but I learned that I used porn to escape from my reality. I had low self esteem and no self confidence. I was always chasing after people trying to get them to like me. I had no direction and no purpose. After I got out of college and moved back in with my parents, my porn use got even worse because I couldn’t hide behind people. I was afraid to grow and I didn’t know how to so I would use to porn to escape front that pain. Now that chapter in my life is over. It’s time to start a new one.

Things I’ve learned so far.

  1. You have a lot of control for what goes on in your life.

  2. Women aren’t going save you from your problems. They have them just like you. They aren’t perfect.

  3. You will make mistakes. You are going to hurt people, let them down. Sometimes you will even hurt yourself. It’s best to just forgive yourself and move forward.

  4. Do what is best for you, learn to speak up for yourself. When you do, you’ll start getting what you want

  5. Track Your growth, best way to do that is to set goal for yourself.

  6. Spend more time by yourself. Get to know yourself.

  7. Embrace change. Love endings and new chapters.

  8. What ever chapter you’re on in your life get to work. You don’t have time to waste.