The only kind of sex that really interests me now is like, the really vanilla, romantic kind

On December 31st 2018 I made a decision to stop watching porn regularly. For the first 5 months I did mostly well with a few relapses. Around may this year, I finally got my act together and got a porn blocker to really seal the deal. Even blocked instagram, tumblr, deviantart, and Youtube for good measure. Will add Reddit to the list too if I misuse it but so far I’ve been good. The blocker doesn’t end for another 2 and a half months, and the only thing short of getting rid of it is a full factory reset.

So now I’m here just chilling. I find more useful things to do with my time than sit around jerking off to internet bullshit. It’s even gotten to the point I can go a few days without thinking about sex or jerking off.

But I think the best thing that’s come out of this is when I do think about sex, the only kind of sex that really peaks my interest isn’t that gross kinky shit I was usually embarrassed about after I orgasmed. The only kind of sex that really interest me now is like, the really vanilla, romantic kind. The type where you’re not just racing to get release; you’re going slow and tender and loving and trying to form an actual connection.

Overall this has really improved my life for the better.

LINK – It’s been 7 months since I’ve watched porn

by Undaunted__Dante