“There was this energy about you…”

Women have approached me before, but this was different. I’m certain that this particular type of scenario was the first time it’s happened to me. It was a touching and memorable moment which I partly credit to NoFap.

I was out at a restaurant with a friend of mine and one of his friends. As we entered the restaurant I noticed a woman look at me with wonder. I didn’t think much of it. She was sitting alone so I assumed her company (husband or partner) was in the bathroom or something. So I continued walking towards our table in the corner of the restaurant and enjoyed my time with the two friends.

Almost halfway through our meal the lady approached our table with a broken voice and foreign accent. She apologised for her husky tone and said that she just wanted to give me “this” (as she handed me a folded up note). I asked: “Who is this from?” And she replied: “Me.” I was stunned. Before I could even register what had just happened, she walked away. She was alone in the end. Both friends looked at me with surprise too. In fact, my friend is more of a ladies man than me, so he was more shocked because a woman approached me instead of him.

When I opened the note it read:
Here for a couple of days, I’d be happy to have a coffee with you :) (followed by her name and phone number).

Did I contact her? You bet your fapping ass I did! She was only here for 2 days, so time was of the essence. Later that night we met at midnight and hung out. She was a classy lady from Europe and when I asked her why she approached me, she said: “There was this energy about you…”

That has to be the best compliment I’ve received. Ironically, my friend’s friend who was present at dinner predicted exactly that- she said: “You must have an aura about you this evening for her to approach you.”

I am so much more grounded, calm and confident since managing my addictive behaviour. She sensed this. Prior to NoFap, I must’ve been airy, nervous and timid.

I’m now 4 months fap-free and 2 months porn-free. I’ve developed such resilience that I even delete all sexual content I receive on whatsapp from friends to resist urges and relapses. This strength and self-control is the attractive quality.

It’s inevitable; the moment you stop clicking on the digital men and women on your screen, you eventually start clocking onto the physical men and women in real life. Or in this case, they clock onto you.

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