From loser to a book-writing, girl attracting, fearless hustler, who works 3 jobs easily without getting stressed

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

as I said earlier I will take my time to write a long post for everyone.

For the people that helped me overcome this obstacle. For the people that liked my content and encouraged me to not give up when times are the toughest. For everyone that wrote a success story aswell, because these helped me a lot. To every Fapstronaut here on this forum. For every human being that told me I couldn´t do it. Thanks to the universe, that showed me its power along the way. Thanks.

Pre-Story how I came up with Biohacking and NOFAP,

So one year ago I started to ask myself how I could become the best version of ME there is, I noticed that my brain didn’t worked like I wanted it to work. My social skills were poorly and OVERALL I was a fapping weak ass Gamer that never got fucked in his life.

This story will be about how this looser, became a book-writing girl attracting fearless HUSTLER, that makes money and works at 3 Jobs, easily without getting stressed AT ALL.
As I mentioned earlier this all started by the question how I can get more energy, how I can stop being drained, bored, hated, or overall how I can stop being this motherfucking looser I was. I started out with Cold Showering, (which I did wrong! Yes that’s possible!) The first step was done even tough I didn´t sticked it everyday I came back to it very often. Until after 3 Months I did it on a regular basis. I noticed that Cold Showering gave me a dopamine rush in the beginning and I absolutely loved it. It made me feel like I am alive. It gave me energy for the day. Not like the whole day but to get started. I did this 6Months straight on, then I had some game-changing events in my life. At that point they looked very bad and I cried the fuck out of me. Why me? Why is this happening? Life sucks. The world is cruel. But now, I see that the only one that is responsible for your circumstances is YOU! So stop whining stop bitching. Wake up, kid. The world sucks yes maybe, but don´t think some miracle dude is stepping in it and makes you a millionaire. If you want change that’s good, so change. Nobody will do it for you. You want money? WORK! You want sex? DONT FAP, get girls. You can have everything you want in this world. How? Fucking do something, and every time you are stunned. Every time you are scared. Tell yourself JUST FUCKING DO IT!. Every time you want to fap, tell yourself its not that hard just keep your fucking hands of that needle. Never ever sacrifice what you want most, for what you want now!

So on my long journey on finding things that made me more effective, made me better at gaming and overall a better person I started to take supplements for sleep, brain, mood and other stuff. These actually improved me alot. Could be a placebo, but I don’t care. It helped. I started to be a vegetarian. (Not because of the killing but because it made me feel better somehow.) I stopped smoking weed, drinking alcohol. I started to eat on a plan and doing sport 6 days a week. (Rest day was Cardio day) I started getting up 5am every morning.( Pro Tipp, Alarm Clock: MOTIVATOR, and after you stand up go make your bed immediately.) I started meditating. I started to turn my life upside down. I changed everything I noticed that change only happens from change. Don’t be a talker be a maker.

So I did all this but something was missing. So I searched and searched and searched, so I started to get attention about this NOFAP everyone was talking about.

And dude! That was it! I suddenly found that all these last things that bothered me came from this PMO SHIT! Man what a relieve. I saw that if I only could change this I would be the alpha male I wanted to be so badly. So I started with it. WHAT A SUCCESS!


MY CONFIDENCE SKYROCKETED. I went from a social looser that never ever even considered talking to a girl, to a (successful) girl approaching male!


MY CLARITY INCREASED, like 200% I can now think straight. I have visions. I have energy I follow my dreams.






I overall became a fucking super-human book writing/reading HUSTLER that lives his dreams. I even stopped gaming and watching TV, because I need more time to HUSTLE!
I swear this works.
If you need help DM me for ACP.

Thanks to everyone on this journey whish y´all the best,

Thilo on Day 90. (4hours 2go)

LINK – 90Days of NOFAP. A miracle story.

by Thilo