Time goes by quickly with no fap. Every second is worth it.

I am young, I quit porn because the feeling of pride and power that comes long with nofap motivates me in life, along with helping my athletic performance ,increasing muscle gain, and giving a sharper mind to help study.

I’ve always done nofap to 100 days max, but this time I feel something different, like it is not enough. I feel like there is more to come, and I am ready for that, so I’m try it to go for 360 days.

And nofap makes you feel ALIVE, and happy. It makes you say and out and brings out the best in you.

My hair grows fast, but with nofap it accelerates the growth a little bit more. I’m going to see how long I can grow it.

It’s really amazing, you revisit your reddit timer to see that you are almost 100 days, and in those ~100 days you have achieved what seems six months worth. You may grow more physically, your hair is unbelievably longer quickly, your academic and physical performance are 100%, and you look and feel ALIVE.

This is the way life is meant to be lived, alive and achieving new goals.

Believe in yourself and live life to the best of your ability.

See you in 265 days :).

LINK –  Time goes by quickly with no fap. But every second is worth it.

by TheThickNick