Vast career strides, sense of humor, diminished anxiety

Beginning was tough no doubt. I was angry at myself before embarking on this journey. Felt pathetic. I needed to regain control after decades of PMO which left me with absolute low level of confidence and self esteem.

Abstinence went from days to weeks, to many weeks, to months and to year.

Things improved:

  1. sense of humor

  2. diminished anxiety

  3. energy to do other things

  4. wanting to do simple things in life like going to the park for walks after work

  5. wanting to spend time with family as the weirdness had left my head

  6. sense of reality restored

  7. vast career strides as my energy was focused on myself in productive manner

I definitely recommend the journey. It’s about restoring control and wake up to reality of the world outside the computer screen.


By pyrosblood