Victory over PIED – Just had good sex with my girlfriend

Hey brothers and sisters in freedom,

Now one of the reasons am on this journey is PIED and the anxiety it gives me. Literally porn turns someone soulless especially if you’ve been unlucky enough like me to explore weird and damaging fetishes.

So for the victory part, I have been clean 29 out of the last 30 days and maybe 55 out of the last 60, I don’t keep a serious count coz I believe this is a journey and how I react to a relapse is more important than the relapse. So today we were just watching a movie and everything just seemed to flow, I was calm and it’s amazing to think I can keep having this if I keep staying away from porn.

Yap so that’s just it, sorry for the TMI guys, I just felt I would encourage a brother with PIED that indeed there is hope. I intend to even intensify my commitment to this journey now as the enemy seems to creep after huge victories.

I love you guys

LINK – Victory: Just had good sex with my girlfriend

by alligotislove