Weeks since depression. My relationship is getting better & better. I’m sleeping much better. Grades are better.


A 126 days ago, I decided to start this journey to get a new grip on my life, and I finally reached my fist achievement after some years of constant PMO! 30 DAYS!! It wasn’t a easy path. I got 15 days at my first try, and after that I kept relapsing every week until I decided to do it seriously, not just for me, but for people who cares about me too.

I always got some facility do talk whit girls and stuff, but my problem was with myself: having depression cycles, not felling well about myself; and free time spent. This are some changes that a got so far:

  • It’s been weeks since I don’t feel the depression episodes
  • I’m really really happy with myself and satisfied in what i do
  • My relationship is getting better and better, she is truly happy that I’m better whit myself and my projects (I’m an artist and never liked my own works)
  • I improved my studies, and got better grades in general
  • Started to improve my body with more free time and conquered a nice muscle definition
  • I’m sleeping much better! (although I continue to sleep a little, but this is part of me)
  • And what made me happier was the fact that I finally got more time to want back reading books after some looong time.

That’s it folks, I banned all kind of stuff related to PMO. Did a real cleaning on my social medias (also lost the ‘needing’ of using them) and a real cleaning on my life!

My journey is not finished yet, the next goal is the 90 days reboot and a new me for life!!

Thanks for all the lessons i had here, and remember: It’s a very hard path, but that is what makes us strong!!

Keep up!!! I believe in you!

LINK – After 126 days of improvement!!

by SrDuds_