Went from thinking I was a-sexual to an absolute beast

On mobile, forgive me for any misspellings!

My life has completely transformed over the past 80 something days. I went from thinking I was a-sexual to an absolute beast! Here’s the highlights that have happened to me since November first!

Last day of work was yesterday, starting a new job monday with a 25 percent pay increase Monday (I thought I was capped out in my career field)

Made out with two different girls at parties.

A couple weeks ago I had alot of fun with an old friend who is literally a 10(Instagram/Snapchat famous), couldn’t perform though( probably too much whiskey)

I never saw myself as an attractive guy, I do now! I have been hitting the gym just about every day, sometimes twice a day. I’m down 30 lbs since Thanksgiving.

My dick hangs lower, looks bigger!

I’ve read 3 books in the past month, starting number 4. I have received multiple comments on my vocabulary to the point that people have told me it is sexy.

I can’t stop flirting, the charisma levels are straight through the roof!

Hardly any drug use since mid november, I was a weekend warrior. Drinking has cut back tremendously!

Catching up on debts, I am broke all the time right now, but for the right reasons(making massive car payments). I have a goal of being debt free by may.

I gotta say at this point the super powers are real, I feel on the top of the world! I hope that by me sharing my experience it can help others start on the right path. We all share the same story we are all addicted to the same thing but if you go day by day you will see results!

One last thing, not all days are great. During my journey I have had extreme lows, depression like I have never felt before, if you can just tough it out you will be rewarded, I gaurentee it! Just remember nofap is just the beginning, you must also work on other parts of your life!

LINK – Nofap is unreal, here’s my experience!

By fivesfe