What I’ve learned on a 500-day streak (big thing you have to realize)

Back on January 1st of 2017, I quit PMO. This turned out to be one of the best decisions in my whole life.

The biggest thing that I’ve learned on my streak is that Nofap is not going to solve everything in your life. You have to realize this.

Nofap is more of a catalyst rather than a solution to all of life’s problems.

What do I mean? The benefits that come from nofap don’t necessarily come from nofap. They come from the lack of dopamine we suddenly don’t have after quitting, and the habits we build in order to replace it. On a nofap journey, the most important thing to do is to focus on self development during your time, and implement good habits that can give you the dopamine that you no longer get from PMO. You have to realize this.

These habits, such as meditation, socializing, exercise, all contribute to the superpowers. They help to rewire your brain to succeed rather than fall back into a pit.

The biggest problem I see with people doing nofap and only getting to 3 day streaks is that they put their whole life into Nofap, and disregard other things that will bring them the actual benefits. You cannot successfully get rid of this addiction if you’re not doing things that will restore your dopamine to natural levels, and constantly occupying your brain on an addiction you don’t want to think about anyway. You have to realize this.

Nofap will launch you into many good habits, and help you get rid of a horrible addiction, that perverts you and makes you see yourself with less respect. Nofap will give you discipline, self confidence, and pride in knowing that you have done what only few other brave men are attempting.

On Nofap, the biggest thing I’ve noticed is, to reach your full potential; you must develop good habits in replacement of nofap, and slowly get rid of less productive bad habits. This is what will make you see all the benefits and superpowers, all of the female attraction, the magnetism socially, the confidence, the clearer head, it all comes from nofap alongside extremely beneficial habits like exercise and meditation. Build up good habits alongside nofap, and I promise you you will start to be the man you want to see in the mirror.

Slowly you will be able to build up your life into whatever you want.

LINK – What I’ve Learned On A 500 Day Streak (BIG Thing You HAVE To Realize)

by thegamer180