I was a mess: fogged out, living like a loser, depressed, suicidal, negative, and socially anxious

Today makes day 90 for me. I remember posting on here on day 60 and receiving tremendous support.

I have to say I’m a much better version of myself today than I was at day 1. I feel like this journey was as much about overcoming self doubt as overcoming pmo. There were nights I just wanted to give in, telling myself things like, “What’s the harm?” But the support from day 60 kept me going.

I can safely say I’m both drug free and pmo free and in time I will be junk food free.

When I first started I was a mess, just smoking and fapping endlessly getting nothing done what so ever. Just fogged out in the mind living like a loser, depressed, suicidal, negative, and socially anxious. But now my social anxiety has completed disappeared and so has my depression.

I’m much more strong willed, I stand up for myself and people treat me much different. I’ve turned girls down and not to sound arrogant but it made me feel like I’m worth chasing.

On top of that I’ve started a nonprofit, which was quite hard and I still haven’t gotten federal tax exemption yet but in time it’ll be fully functional. My entrepreneur ambitions aren’t just ambitions anymore.

I don’t know if the simple act of not masturbating and watching porn has awaken this new me but it has given me the self discipline and will power.

I wish everyone the best.

LINK – 90 day update I’m almost in disbelief

by determinedwinner1400