When I’m pornfree, my mind is clearer, I’m less distracted and have more energy to improve my life

I have not been active on the pornfree subreddit for quite some time, but over the past years I have worked on quitting porn for good. I probably learned about nofap in 2012 or something. I have never been pornfree for more than 250 days, but I have had many long periods without porn (and some tough relapses where I went back to pornography for weeks or even a few months).

During those relapse periods, my life was worse than during the pornfree periods. Self-improvement during the better periods helped me increase my baseline quality of life, but being pornfree has always made me a better and more productive man. And, just as important, happier and more content with life.

Now I’m over 180 days pornfree again (I do masturbate every now and then) and I’m doing very well at the moment. Life is not perfect, pornfree is not the sole reason for the improvements I’ve made, but it helps tremendously. When I’m pornfree, my mind is clearer, I’m less distracted and have more energy. That helps working towards goals that improve life, like relationships, career, health and fitness, reading and other more productive interests.

I’m too busy to check in all that often. But I wanted to share my ups and downs and my overall positivity about staying pornfree. You may relapse a hundred times (just like I did), but I have never regretted starting a new “streak”. Leaving porn more or less for good (minus the relapses) has been a great decision in my life.

Good luck to everyone in leaving this addiction behind.

LINK – More or less six months pornfree (again)

by vincentonreddit