Why fight sexual urges when you can prevent them?


Last year I discovered that NoFap is sooo easy when I take cold showers daily. It lowers my addiction to pornographic and provocative materials dramatically. I no longer need to use my will power to keep my hand off my dick. I don’t have the desire to go on porn sites. WhenI do accidentally encounter provocative content on the internet I don’t really feel like masturbating to it cuz it actually feels very unnatural and weird for me to do so.

Here’s how I take cold showers everyday to make NoFap super easy:

  • take super cold and short showers twice a day; one right after I wake up in the morning, another one in the afternoon at around 4:30 to 5PM.
  • each cold shower session only lasts about 2 minutes.
  • I use a very specific breathing pattern to make cold showers 100000 times less painful: I inhale fast as I can, and breathe in as much air as possible to fill my lungs. But I breathe out as slowly as I can. I also make sure my rib cages aren’t too tensed up or too relaxed. I basically just alternate between fast inhale and slow exhale.
  • I don’t use soap, I just use cold water unless my intention is to clean myself.
  • I normally avoid washing my head during cold showers unless I’m taking a proper shower. Cuz I have long hair and I don’t wanna have to dry it twice a day.
  • If I do need to take a long and proper shower with bodywash and shampoo, I use slightly warmer water, but then I make sure at the end of the shower I switch to the coldest water I can get and rinse my body for 2 minutes.
  • I always go straight to the coldest water, I used to start with hot water first and then gradually switch to cold water but I found that it makes cold shower less effective.

I think there’s a strong correlation between body temperature and libido. I’m a lot likely to get horny when my body temperature is high. That’s why apart from taking cold showers, I also make sure when I sleep I don’t use blankets that are too thick and warm otherwise I’d get horny at night or in the morning.

I have experimented with all sorts of variables. I’ve tried changing how often I shower, the duration of my cold showers, and also WHEN I shower. And after months and months of trial and error, the above cold shower schedule is the most effective one that I ended up with.

Unlike most people in this community, I have a very different philosophy when it comes to NoFap. I’m not a big fan of will power. Yea, of course you can do NoFap using your will power alone for 90 days. But most people relapse, most people have to fail multiple times until they make it to 90 days. And even if they DO achieve 90 days without PMO, how should they maintain that after 90 days? If NoFap is purely based on will power then there’s a problem: You have to fight your sexual urges every single day for the rest of your life which is not fun or sustainable.

My philosophy is that instead of suppressing your sexual impulses, prevent them from happening in the first place—by taking cold showers daily—so that you don’t even have to repress them. You don’t have to worry about relapse if you don’t have the desire to fap in the first place. You wanna fap because your brain has a tendency to seek stimulations. If you take cold showers daily, that tendency will be dramatically reduced. I personally think my approach is so much easier and sustainable than using sheer will power.

LINK – How I made NoFap effortless.

By dogrider69