Working on life project, would rather die than go back to my past state


Firstly, although i am not healed completely (30+ years of PMO), i can definitely say i am back to being my best like when i was a child. Now that i know the reason why I was like i was before these 90 days, i would rather die than go back to that life again.

Secondly, as it’s been said 1000 times already. Yes every benefit is real. I call them benefits because i never thought they were normal human traits before i started nofap. (But of course now i see this is the normal and that i have been living abnormally)

Third, this is my first ever streak and i could do it because I said to myself “never, not even a thought”. I was fed up so bad with my life this is like my last chance. So i willed it so strong that nothing bothered me except for a couple of flat lines in the first 30 days

After all the benefits, one thing I observed that is not talked about much here is that even with all the benefits you have, when you can crush people in social situations if they get competitive, you do not really want that. You are just really happy being in others’ company and enjoy every moment of it instead of getting into competitive mode of name and fame and who’s better. And this is what gives the most happiness and this is what gets better relationships and this is what i am loving right now in my nofap journey.

During these 90 days i have started the biggest project of my life that i have been postponing all through these years. This project gets me where i want to be in my life. I am in the middle of that project and hope to finish it soon. Once i complete that project, i may share my happiness here.

Next stop 100. Go guys!

LINK – 90 days report

By earlymornintony