You stop seeing others as a sex tool; you see them as a friend, brother or sister

I decided to start my nofap journey cause I’m tired of seeing myself damaging my body and can’t do anything about it.
My first trail was not a smooth one I relapsed after Day 9 cuz of my urges, I then decided to challenge myself by starting all over again this time it’s a 30 days of no pmo, which I excitedly completed today.
The nofap benefits are real, my benefits are:

(i) increase in my energy level, I now surprisingly don’t get tried easily, and now waking up the right time.
(ii) incredible self confidence, once you start nofap will be shocked on the confidence you’ll suddenly posse like talking to a random person’s without even blabbing and making good eye contact.
(iii) Nofap helps you not see the opposite sex as a sex tool, you’ll now see them as a friend, brother or sister.
(iv)Nofap help you take the right decisions for yourself like you are now doing ( ie seeking for a support group or individuals)
(v) Surprisingly Nofap helps me save money on data purchase, cuz of watching pornography you tend to spend more money on data purchase which will never be enough bcoz of constant streaming of pornographic content.
Hope this will motivate someone here.
So who’s up for another 30days of nofap starting from today.

LINK Amazing 30days of Nofap benefits detailed

By Ogkrainer9