You’ll find energy and resources you didn’t even know you had – and partners

After a 607 days streak followed by a 803 days streak (still counting), I feel entitled to answer your questions about nofap, streaks, benefits, pro and cons. Ask me whatever you want to know.


I had a few questions

  • 1 when did your urges start to go away
  • 2 when did your brain power increase in like studying
  • 3 when did your muscle weight increase
  • 4 did you have a lot of aggression

If you can please ans these questions


  • 1 urges don’t go away, in fact when on nofap you got to have an active sexual life. If you’re the classic guy complaining about being shy or ugly, well it doesn’t matter. You got to find a partner (or more than one). The best thing about it is that, when you push your body and soul to the limit, you’re gonna find some energy and resources you didn’t even know you have.
  • 2 Well I’m not sure about this questions meaning. I certainly was able to achieve amazing goals in this nearly 4 years, goals that before i started were unimaginable.
  • 3 My body is the same as when i started.
  • 4 No


  • 1. What made you relapse in between those streaks, and was it only a single relapse?
  • 2. How did that relapse affect you?


It was a single relapse, due to distance with my partner. It was a single relapse and didn’t affect me at all. To be honest, it was a great experience, i felt really really good after it

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I started the first months with a lot of adrenaline for the novelty. I used to watch a lot of motivational videos. I was surfing the wave. Now, it’s just part of my life. MO is just no more contemplated in my daily routine.

I did get horny 24/7, in fact i was constantly looking for girls (till i found my actual partner). Me and my friends still laugh about that summer. I was on fire all nights.

My daily habits? Basically working hard on my future (I own a business and study for an exam to get a job in the public administration).

LINK – Success story. A 607 days streak followed by a 803 days streak (still counting). ASK ME

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