Youthful ED isn’t normal, spread the word!


While drinking and talking with friends or even guys I barely know, I’ve heard a lot of 20-30 y/o say stuff about having failed to get it up or needing viagra. I hear it from girls as well, saying it’s hard to find a guy that can fuck properly.

This isn’t normal and didn’t happen like 20 years ago, this generation is letting itself get fucked over by porn and becoming a bunch of insecure virtual cucks, because they don’t know any better.

It’s sad that the media doesn’t give any attention to this because it would affect huge segments of the industry (porn, pharmaceutical and even psychiatric).

If you experience the benefits of NoFap, specially the sexual aspect, don’t be afraid to tell your friends. I can guarantee at least some of them are silently going through shit like PIED and think it’s caused by something else.

You can change their lives.

LINK – Is erectile dysfunction in young guys supposedly normal now? No, it isn’t. Spread the word

By P_Kontz