Documenting Patterns of Intimidation, Bullying and Defamation: Towards Public Accountability for the Actions of Dr. Nicole Prause (by anonymous)

We recently discovered this 27-page account of Nicole Prause’s unethical behaviors and tactics. The author is writing anonymously (presumably from fear of retribution). From the content, it appears the document is a few years old; a whole lot more malicious behavior has occurred in the last 2 years. Unlike the overwhelming Prause pages (page 1, page 2, page 3), this document puts forth a digestible story. It also asks important questions about scientific bias and misconduct.

Documenting Patterns of Intimidation, Bullying and Defamation – Towards Public Accountability for the Actions of Dr. Nicole Prause (PDF)


The document begins with the following intro:

At some point, someone’s going to tell me not to do this…So I’m just going to start, and see when they tell me to stop.” – Dr. Nicole Prause, Nova’s Secret Life of Scientists

For the general public, individuals with the label of “scientist” are taken for granted as people seeking truth objectively and dispassionately – following the evidence where it leads. Perhaps more than any other, this title evokes credibility, believability and a kind of moral authority to help others ascertain truth.

By many outward indicators, Dr. Nicole Prause merits that label and that credibility (Ph.D., former research associate at UCLA,1 published researcher, and frequent media commentator regarding sex research). These credentials are showcased regularly in her many media mentions as confirmation of the weight her statements presumably deserve.

For those with a more intimate experience of Dr. Prause’s work, however, a more concerning picture has emerged. As documented in hundreds of separate incidents over a period of several years, it’s become clear that Prause has been actively (and increasingly) involved in an ongoing pattern of both open and covert aggression in various forms against those who disagree with her own conclusions about pornography’s benefits. To those who push back to defend themselves against her attacks, Prause also pursues a consistent pattern of flipping the story: claiming that, in fact, she herself is a beleaguered victim of ongoing harassment and discrimination as both a female scientist and someone studying questions that we are told some people “would like us not to ask” and “don’t want us to know the answer to.”

My purpose here is to aggregate and summarize the extensive (but little known) evidence for these claims about Dr. Prause, just as should be required in making such serious claims. As will be demonstrated throughout, Dr. Prause has shown no such consideration for the targets of her own damaging public accusations.

I write anonymously, as a colleague of many of the recipients of Prause’s attacks – and a silent observer (until now) of what is happening. In preparing this review, I surveyed many accounts, public documents and other material documenting these experiences. I also conducted interviews and did a thorough review of Prause’s own published writings and speeches – with the aim of assembling an honest, fair and comprehensive account.2

Those unaware of these details may initially find them shocking and even implausible. Indeed, until one grasps the full spectrum of evidence for what is happening, Prause’s own story of sexist victimization in the face of a rigid status quo is quite poignant and easy to buy. As with legitimate scientific inquiry itself, however, the invitation here is to allow the evidence – and the evidence alone – to lead you to your final conclusions. To read more download PDF.