Here we go again: In the wake of two mass shootings (El Paso & Dayton), Nicole Prause, @BrainOnPorn & David Ley and try to connect Gary Wilson, YBOP and Nofap to white nationalists & Nazis

The latest in Prause & Ley’s malicious 4-year campaign to create a false association between YBOP, and men in recovery, with neo-Nazis.

In a new low (which is saying something), Nicole Prause used the tragic deaths of innocent people once again to defame Gary Wilson and NoFap while promoting the porn industry’s agenda. On the Monday following two mass shootings (Dayton and El Paso) Prause posted tweets and screenshots vainly trying to connect Gary Wilson, YBOP and Nofap to Nazis and white nationalists.

This disgusting tactic is nothing new. The same day as the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings, Prause and Ley published their defamatory Psychology Today article targeting Gary Wilson (, Gabe Deem (RebootNation) and Nofap (“Why Fascists Hate Masturbation: The rise of nationalism coincides with anti-masturbation movements). These incidents reveal their malice and deceit.

As chronicled in many other sections, when such tragedies occur, Prause and Ley appear to scour the internet for any comments mentioning Gary Wilson’s TEDx talk, YBOP, or NoFap – all in the hope that a few are posted by white nationalists. Alternatively, Prause or Ley may be using aliases to post their own fabricated comments – to use in their propaganda campaign. We have documented over 100 Prause aliases on these pages:Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5. (Also see – PDF of Nicole Prause aliases she used to harass & defame).

Here are other sections of the “Prause pages” documenting Prause and Ley’s repugnant campaign to falsely characterize YBOP and porn recovery communities as Nazi sympathizers.

Prause/Ley/@BrainOnPorn capture (or produce) the posts, store them, and wait for the next racist-fueled tragedy. Then they grab meaningless screenshots and “explain” them with defamatory assertions. Is it a surprise that Prause is now being sued for defamation? Gary Wilson and Alex Rhodes of Nofap have provided sworn affidavits in connection with that suit, which include among numerous incidents, Prause’s lies that both are Nazi sympathizers. See:

Update: On October 23, 2019 Alexander Rhodes (founder of reddit/nofap and filed a defamation lawsuit against Nicole R Prause and Liberos LLC. See the court docket here. See this page for three primary court documents filed by Rhodes: NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes defamation lawsuit against Nicole Prause / Liberos (see fund-raising page).

Even if Prause’s screenshots are real, a white nationalist linking to Wilson’s TEDx Talk tells us nothing about Wilson or anyone else who believes viewing porn may cause problems. If a Nazi links to a Motor Trend review of the Ford F150 does that mean that everyone who drives a Ford, or is employed by Ford is a Nazi? This type of malicious propaganda is simply how Prause and Ley roll.

The truth, which is on the YBOP About Us page: I am, in fact, a far left liberal and the very antithesis of a “white supremacist.” I spent my adolescence living in a predominantly black neighborhood and two of my close relatives are married to African Americans. For my account of the truth, listen to this interview: Porn Science and Science Deniers (Interview with Wilson).

On to the current set of Prause/Ley revolting tweets. (tweet #1)

Note: While Prause is obsessively determined to link anti-porn sentiment to white supremacists, she conveniently ignores that the Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, was a big fan of porn (the Dayton shooting occupied on the same weekend as the El Paso shooting). Betts was deeply involved in the misogynistic, male-dominated “goregrind” or “pornogrind” extreme metal music scene. It has a following in the Midwest and is known for sexually violent, death-obsessed lyrics and dehumanizing imagery depicting women. Oh yeah, Betts was a liberal/”leftist”.

Below we provide the two screenshots Prause featured with the above tweet (picture #1, picture #2). Notice how Gary Wilson’s name is highlighted, which means that Prause searched these sites for Wilson’s name, his TED Talk, or his website. Given her preoccupation with fabricating dirt, how does Prause find time to do research? (Such as completing her upcoming study that allegedly acquired subjects via the Free Speech Coalition – the lobbying arm for the porn industry!)

Also note that “anonymous” posted Philip Zimbardo’s famous TED talk, The Demise of Guys?, a Buzzfeed article, a Max Planck Institute fMRI study on porn users, and an article by Is Prause suggesting that Zimbardo, everyone at BuzzFeed, everyone the Max Planck Institute, and all associated with are Nazi sympathizers? Absurd.

In this second screenshot, Gary Wilson’s obsessed cyberstalker (Prause) once again highlights his name:

As before, the list includes links to other well known Nazi sympathizers (joke) such as Phil Zimbardo, Buzzfeed, Brown University, Cambridge University researchers, PlosOne,, and Scribd.

In response to David Ley’s oh-so-genuine inquiry, a second disgusting tweet by Prause (she obsessively scours the internet for anything mentioning for Gary Wilson or his website):

The first Prause screenshot mentions a growing body of research, which is quite solid, even if “Sentinel” turns out to be a white nationalist rather than her own cyber progeny. (Prause provides no evidence of who Sentinel might be.)

As for the tweet’s assertion, see this page for over 100 studies linking porn use/porn addiction to sexual problems, lower arousal to sexual stimuli, and poorer sexual & relationship satisfaction.

On to one of Prause’s favorite pieces of misinformation (the Stefan Molyneux podcast):

Prause and Ley often use the above screenshot of my old interview with Stefan Molyneux as “proof” that I am a white supremacist. In the last year Nicole Prause, David Ley and RealYBOP twitter have been spreading the Molyneux podcast via social media and in private emails (members of SASH and IITAP), claiming that Molyneux is a “white supremacist” and that my appearance on his show means I’m a “white supremacist.”  Prause even entered screenshots of the podcast into legal documents related YBOP’s trademark dispute with her and Daniel Burgess. Whatever Molyneux’s views, it is, of course, absurd to suggest that his views are mine.

I have no idea what Molyneux’s politics are. Nor did I know when he asked to interview me years ago. In fact, I investigated him and couldn’t find anything indicating his views on race.  As you can hear in our interview, we talked about porn’s effects, not politics. I have done hundreds on interviews and podcasts. How am I to know every word ever spoken by a potential interviewer?

Several supporters wonder why I haven’t removed this interview from the backwaters of my 12,000 page website. The answer: because my stalkers Nicole Prause and RealYBOP on Twitter have falsely claimed numerous times that “Gary Wilson is trying to hide the Molyneux podcast.” In fact, I am neither hiding nor promoting it. It was just another podcast – out of the hundreds I have done.

The malicious campaign to associate YBOP, and men in recovery, with neo-Nazis was hatched in 2016 by harassers Ley and Prause. They initiated their fraudulent campaign with this tweet:

Prause immediately retweeted it (then later deleted her tweet):

Scouring the internet for anything they could use to smear Wilson, Ley/Prause pounced upon an obscure (and disgusting) David Duke blog post containing a link to Gary Wilson’s TEDx talk. Wilson’s TEDx talk has some 12 million views, so thousands of folks of all stripes have linked to (and recommended) Wilson’s talk, “The Great Porn Experiment.”

How does this implicate Gary Wilson as a “white supremacist?” It doesn’t, of course. This ridiculous assertion is like suggesting all dog lovers are Nazi’s because Hitler loved his dogs. It’s the equivalent of claiming that the producers of “The Matrix” are neo-Nazis because David Duke liked their movie.

As for Gary Wilson, watch this July, 2019 interview in which he and Mark Queppet specifically discuss the lies propagated by Prause, Ley and their minions (some of whom have received Twitter bans for vicious posts alleging that Wilson is a Nazi): Porn Science and Science Deniers: Mark Queppet interviews Gary Wilson (July, 2019).

What’s going on here?

For years both Prause and Ley have teamed up to defame, harass and cyber-stalk individuals and organizations that have warned of porn’s harms or published research reporting porn’s harms. Recently, Prause and Ley escalated their unethical and often illegal activities in support of a porn industry agenda. For example, On January 29, 2019, Prause filed a trademark application to obtain YOURBRAINONPORN and YOURBRAINONPORN.COM. In April 2019, a group headed by Prause and Ley engaged in unlawful trademark infringement of by creating “

To advertise their illegitimate site, the self-proclaimed “experts” created a Twitter account (, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and published a press release. In a further attempt to confuse the public, the press release falsely claims to originate from Gary Wilson’s home town – Ashland, Oregon (none of the “experts” live in Oregon, let alone Ashland). Judge for yourself whether the “experts” further the interests of the porn industry or the authentic search scientific truth by perusing this collection of RealYBOP tweets. Written in Dr. Prause’s distinctive misleading style, the tweets extol the benefits of porn, misrepresent the current state of the research, and troll individuals and organizations Prause has previously harassed.

In addition, the “experts” created a Reddit account (user/sciencearousal) to spam porn recovery forums reddit/pornfree and reddit/NoFap with promotional drivel, claiming porn use is harmless and disparaging and Gary Wilson. It’s important to note that Prause, a former academic, has a long documented history of employing numerous aliases to post on porn recovery forums. (YBOP is now engaged in legal action with Prause and her pro-porn allies).

In July of 2019, David Ley and two of the better known RealYBOP “experts” (Justin Lehmiller and Chris Donaghue) began openly collaborating with the porn industry.  All 3 are on the advisory board of the fledgling Sexual Health Alliance (SHA). In a blatant financial conflict of interest, David Ley and the SHA are being compensated by porn industry giant xHamster to promote its websites (i.e. StripChat) and to convince users that porn addiction and sex addiction are myths!

More on Nicole Prause

In 2013 former UCLA researcher Nicole Prause began openly harassing, libeling and cyberstalking Gary Wilson. (Prause has not been employed by an academic institution since January, 2015.) Within a short time she also began targeting others, including researchers, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, a former UCLA colleague, a UK charity, men in recovery, a TIME magazine editor, several professors, IITAP, SASH, Fight The New Drug, Exodus Cry,, RebootNation, YourBrainRebalanced, the academic journal Behavioral Sciences, its parent company MDPI, US Navy medical doctors, the head of the academic journal CUREUS, and the journal Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity.

While spending her waking hours harassing others, Prause cleverly cultivated – with zero verifiable evidence – a myth that she was “the victim” of most anyone who dared to disagree with her irresponsible assertions surrounding porn’s effects or the current state of porn research. To counter the ongoing harassment and false claims, YBOP was compelled to document some of Prause’s activities. Consider the following pages. (Additional incidents have occurred that we are not at liberty to divulge – as Prause’s victims fear further retribution.)

In the beginning Prause employed dozens of fake usernames to post on porn recovery forums, Quora, Wikipedia, and in the comment sections under articles. Prause rarely used her real name or her own social media accounts. That all changed after UCLA chose not to renew Prause’s contract (around January, 2015).

Freed from any oversight and now self-employed, Prause added two media managers/promoters from Media 2×3 to her company’s tiny stable of “Collaborators.” (erstwhile Media 2×3 president Jess Ponce describes himself as a Hollywood media coach and personal branding expert.) Their job is to place articles in the press featuring Prause, and find her speaking engagements in pro-porn and mainstream venues. Odd tactics for a supposedly impartial scientist.

Prause began to put her name to falsehoods, openly cyber-harassing multiple individuals and organizations on social media and elsewhere. Since Prause’s primary target was Gary Wilson (hundreds of social media comments along with behind the scenes email campaigns), it became necessary to monitor and document Prause’s tweets and posts. This was done for her victims’ protection, and crucial for any future legal actions.

It soon became apparent that Prause’s tweets and comments were rarely about sex research, neuroscience, or any other subject related to her claimed expertise. In fact, the vast majority of Prause’s posts could be divided into two overlapping categories:

  1. Indirect support of the porn industry: Defamatory & ad hominem comments targeting individuals and organizations that she labeled as “anti-porn activists” (often claiming to be a victim of these individuals and organizations). Documented here: Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5.
  2. Direct support of the porn industry:
    • especially the FSC (Free Speech Coalition), AVN (Adult Video News), porn producers, performers, and their agendas
    • countless misrepresentations of the state of pornography research and attacks on porn studies or porn researchers.

The following pages contain a sampling of tweets and comments related to #2 – her vigorous support of the porn industry and its chosen positions. YBOP is of the view that Prause’s unilateral aggression has escalated to such frequent and reckless defamation (falsely accusing her many victims of “physically stalking her,” “misogyny,” “encouraging others to rape her,” and “being neo-Nazis”), that we are compelled to examine her possible motives. This material is divided into 4 main sections:

  1. SECTION 1: Nicole Prause & the porn industry:
  2. SECTION 2: Was Nicole Prause “PornHelps”? (PornHelps website, @pornhelps on Twitter, comments under articles). All accounts deleted once Prause was outed as “PornHelps.”
  3. SECTION 3: Examples of Nicole Prause supporting porn industry interests via misrepresentation of the research & attacking studies/researchers.
  4. SECTION 4: “RealYBOP”: Prause and associates create a biased website and social media accounts that support a pro-porn industry agenda.

Please note: There is unequivocal evidence that the porn industry funded the sexology profession for decades. Sexology’s agenda still appears to serve the porn industry. Thus, the evidence on this page should be viewed in a larger context. See Hugh Hefner, the International Academy of Sex Research, and Its Founding President to understand how porn-industry friendly sexologists influenced the Kinsey Institute. Prause is a Kinsey grad.

More on David Ley

David Ley’s financial conflicts of interest (COI) seem evident.

COI #1: In a blatant financial conflict of interest, David Ley is being compensated by porn industry giant X-hamster to promote their websites and to convince users that porn addiction and sex addiction are myths!  Specifically, David Ley and the newly formed Sexual Health Alliance (SHA) have partnered with a X-Hamster website (Strip-Chat). See “Stripchat aligns with Sexual Health Alliance to stroke your anxious porn-centric brain“:

The fledgling Sexual health Alliance (SHA) advisory board includes David Ley and two other “experts” (Justin Lehmiller & Chris Donahue). RealYBOP is a group of openly pro-porn, self-proclaimed “experts” headed by Nicole Prause. This is also the group currently engaged in illegal trademark infringement and squatting directed toward the legitimate YBOP. Put simply, those trying to silence YBOP are also being paid by the porn industry to promote its/their businesses, and assure users that porn and cam sites cause no problems (note: Nicole Prause has close, public ties to the porn industry as documented on this page).

In this article, Ley dismisses his compensated promotion of the porn industry:

Granted, sexual health professionals partnering directly with commercial porn platforms face some potential downsides, particularly for those who’d like to present themselves as completely unbiased. “I fully anticipate [anti-porn advocates] to all scream, ‘Oh, look, see, David Ley is working for porn,’” says Ley, whose name is routinely mentioned with disdain in anti-masturbation communities like NoFap.

But even if his work with Stripchat will undoubtedly provide fodder to anyone eager to write him off as biased or in the pocket of the porn lobby, for Ley, that tradeoff is worth it. “If we want to help [anxious porn consumers], we have to go to them,” he says. “And this is how we do that.”

Biased? Ley reminds us of the infamous tobacco doctors, and the Sexual health Alliance remind us of the Tobacco Institute.

COI #2 David Ley is being paid to debunk porn and sex addiction. At the end of this Psychology Today blog post Ley states:

“Disclosure: David Ley has provided testimony in legal cases involving claims of sex addiction.”

In 2019 David Ley’s new website offered his well-compensated “debunking” services:

David J. Ley, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and AASECT-certified supervisor of sex therapy, based in Albuquerque, NM. He has provided expert witness and forensic testimony in a number of cases around the United States. Dr. Ley is regarded as an expert in debunking claims of sexual addiction, and has been certified as an expert witness on this topic. He has testified in state and federal courts.

Contact him to obtain his fee schedule and arrange an appointment to discuss your interest.

COI #3: Ley makes money selling two books that deny sex and porn addiction (“The Myth of Sex Addiction,” 2012 and “Ethical Porn for Dicks,” 2016). Pornhub (which is owned by porn giant MindGeek) is one of the five back-cover endorsements listed for Ley’s 2016 book about porn:

Note: PornHub was the second Twitter account to retweet RealYBOP’s initial tweet announcing its “expert” website, suggesting a coordinated effort between PornHub and the RealYBOP experts. Wow!

COI #4: Finally, David Ley makes money via CEU seminars, where he promotes the addiction-deniers’ ideology set forth in his two books (which recklessly(?) ignores dozens of studies and the significance of the new Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder diagnosis in the World Health Organization’s diagnostic manual). Ley is compensated for his many talks featuring his biased views of porn. In this 2019 presentation Ley appears to support and promote adolescent porn use: Developing Positive Sexuality and Responsible Pornography Use in Adolescents.

This above is just the tip of the iceberg for these two.