Erectile Dysfunction Among Male Adult Entertainers: A Survey (2018)

Male Adult Entertainers Characteristics table

The Journal of Urology

Volume 199, Issue 4, Supplement, April 2018, Pages e1006-e1007

Sexual Function/Dysfunction: Evaluation II

MP74-18 Erectile Dysfunction Among Male Adult Entertainers: A Survey

Dubin, Justin, Aubrey Greer, Ian O’brien, Eric Leue, and Ranjith Ramasamy.


Erectile dysfunction has not been evaluated among male adult entertainers. Our goal was to evaluate the prevalence of erectile dysfunction and use of erectile aids among men working in the adult entertainment industry.


A 40-question online survey was distributed to male adult entertainers via email through collaboration with the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), the North American Trade Association of the Adult Industry. Surveys were sent by the FSC to those within the Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) database who met the criteria of having biological penises and having experience as adult entertainers. The survey acquired baseline characteristics, use and frequency of various erectile aids, anabolic steroids, and assessed erectile function using the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) survey. The surveys were answered anonymously. Statistical analysis was performed in Microsoft Excel.


Of the 81 respondents, 62 met inclusion criteria of work in the adult entertainment industry. The mean age was 37.8 ± 11.6 years (range 20-70). Of the 62 men, 73% (45/62) used erectile aids: 58% (36/62) pills only, 13% (8/62) pills and injections, 1.6% (1/62) injections only, and none had penile implants. The anabolic steroid use was noted to be 16% (10/62). Of the 45 men who used erectile aids, 42% (19/45) used them for work only and 58% (26/45) used for both work and personal reasons. Overall, 42% (26/62) of men had erectile dysfunction based on the IIEF survey. Of note, 37% (7/19) of men between ages of 20-29 had moderate to severe ED. A total of 9 out of the 62 respondents were transgender male to female entertainers with biological penises. The average IIEF score among transgender females were 20 ± 6.


This is the first study to evaluate erectile dysfunction among male adult entertainers. Despite using erectile aids for professional reasons, prevalence of erectile dysfunction among male adult entertainers appears to be similar to the general population except for entertainers younger than 30 years old.