Impact of Problematic Internet Use on the Self-Esteem of Adolescents in the Selected School, Kerala, India (2020)

Arch Psychiatr Nurs  . 2020 Jun;34(3):122-128.

doi: 10.1016/j.apnu.2020.02.008. Epub 2020 Feb 10.

Preeti Mathew  1 Raman Krishnan Dr  2


Background: Internet use is one of the essential tools of our present-day society whose impact is seen on adolescents such as increased use of the internet because they have free easy and daily access to the internet. Problematic internet use has become a global phenomenon that causes serious problem to the affected individual leading to impairment in psychological well-being.

Aim: The present study aims to assess the level of problematic internet use and self-esteem among adolescents in selected schools, Kochi, Kerala, India.

Setting: The study conducted in Private Aided School, in Kothamangalam Thaluk of Ernakulam Dist., Kerala.

Method: The study with the cross-sectional design was conducted for a period of one month among 60 students and participants were selected using non-probability, convenient sampling. The samples were provided with a self-administered questionnaire after obtaining written consent from their parents and the students.

Result: Karl-Pearson coefficient indicated a significant negative correlation between self-esteem and Internet addiction (r = -0.649 and p < 0.001).

Conclusion: The use of internet has been found to have a powerful impact on adolescents, especially in areas of self-esteem, and at times, it may affect their social life and relationship with the family.

Keywords: Adolescents; Problematic internet use; Self-esteem.