A Study of the Correlation Between Internet Addiction and Aggressive Behaviour Among the Namibian University Students (2019)

Data Science and Big Data Analytics pp 1-9

Poonam Dhaka, Cynthia Naris

Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 16)


The explosion of online Social Networking Sites over time has its benefits as well as its risks. A potential risk is the fact that so many individuals have become victims of aggressive and cyber-bullying acts via Online Social Networking Sites. In the paper, the aim of this study is to analyse the correlation between Internet addiction and Aggressive Behavior Among the Namibian University Students. Based on statistical analysis the paper concluded that there is a worthwhile correlation between Internet addiction and Aggressive Behaviour and a sizable majority of the students who participated in the study suffer from moderate addiction problems due to their Internet usage. Also, the results indicate that the two most prevalent forms of aggression among the majority of the students are hostility and Physical Aggression.

Keywords – Inferential statistics Internet addiction Descriptive statistics Psychological wellbeing Social desirability Aggression