Christian Spirituality and Smartphone Addiction in Adolescents: A Comparison of High-Risk, Potential-Risk, and Normal Control Groups (2019)

Journal of Religion and Health

pp 1–14 | Cite as

Jung Yeon Shim


The goal of this study was to compare aspects of Christian spirituality such as God’s image and sense of spiritual well-being among three groups: the high-risk, potential-risk and normal control groups for smartphone addiction. Participants were: 11 adolescents in the high-risk group for smartphone addiction; 20 adolescents who were potentially at risk of smartphone addiction, and 254 adolescents who were in the normal control group. The results showed that the high-risk group for smartphone addiction adolescent group showed low levels of spiritual well-being and positive image of God comparing to those in the potential-risk and control groups. Each group had specific and distinctive features. Consideration of potential clinical interventions, limitations of the current study, and suggestions for future research are discussed.