Decreased frontal lobe function in people with Internet addiction disorder (2013)

Neural Regen Res. 2013 Dec 5;8(34):3225-32. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5374.2013.34.006.

Liu J1, Esmail F2, Li L3, Kou Z2, Li W3, Gao X3, Wang Z4, Tan C5, Zhang Y3, Zhou S5.


In our previous studies, we showed that frontal lobe and brainstem functions were abnormal in on-line game addicts. In this study, 14 students with Internet addiction disorder and 14 matched healthy controls underwent proton-magnetic resonance spectroscopy to measure cerebral function. Results demonstrated that the ratio of N-acetylaspartate to creatine decreased, but the ratio of choline-containing compounds to creatine increased in the bilateral frontal lobe white matter in people with Internet addiction disorder. However, these ratios were mostly unaltered in the brainstem, suggesting that frontal lobe function decreases in people with Internet addiction disorder.


Internet addiction disorder; N-acetylaspartate; choline-containing compounds; creatine; grants-supported paper; internet gaming addiction; magnetic resonance imaging; magnetic resonance spectroscopy; neural regeneration; neuroregeneration