Internet: abuse, addiction and benefits (2018)

Rev Med Brux. 2018;39(4):250-254.

[Article in French; Abstract available in French from the publisher]

Fossion P1, Antonetti S1, Lays C2.


in English, French

In this article, we propose to review the recent literature on Internet addiction (AI) by addressing several themes : we will begin by detailing the various questions that have arisen over time as to the reality of the syndrome and the responses that have been provided by the clinical and neuroimaging studies ; we will then discuss comorbidity problems as well as factors favoring the emergence of the AI and its consequences on health ; we will then detail the different treatments proposed and in a dialectical spirit, we will discuss the advantages that a moderate use of the Internet can have on the cognitive functioning as well as different tracks for future researches.

KEYWORDS: Addiction; Internet; Video games

PMID: 30320985