Internet Addiction (2012)

COMMENTS: First, they conclude that Internet addiction manifests is 3 forms, one of which is sexual activities. Second, they found depression to be caused by Internet addiction, rather than it being the result of Internet addiction. As for ADHD, we have seen a it decline or remit in many guys who recovered from porn addiction.

[Article in Finnish]

Duodecim. 2012;128(7):741-8.

Korkeila J.


Turun yliopisto, Harjavallan sairaala.


Internet addiction is defined as uncontrolled and harmful use of Internet, which manifests in three forms: gaming, various sexual activities and excessive use of emails, chats or SMS messaging. Several studies have found that abuse of alcohol and other substances, depression and other health problems are associated with Internet addiction. In boys and men depression may be more a consequence of the addiction than a cause for it. ADHD seems to be a significant background factor for developing the condition. Because it is almost impossible to lead a life without Internet and computers nowadays, it is unrealistic to aim towards full abstinence. Treatment has generally followed the guidelines adapted for pathological gambling.