Internet Addiction and Its Impact on Physical Health (2018)

Turkish Medical Student Journal


Volume 5, Issue 2

Year 2018, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 32 – 36

Nazlıcan Güzel [1] , İrem Kahveci [2] , Nilay Solak [3] , Murat Cömert [4] , Fatma Nesrin Turan [5] 8 6



Internet addiction, a recently emerged term in medical literature, has significant physical effects on the young generation. In this research, controversial effects of internet addiction on physical health have been investigated among the students of Trakya University School of Medicine, who constitute a part of the population at risk.


The study included 327 medical students. The correlation between internet addiction and physical complaints associated with internet usage and its relation with gender, purpose and duration of internet usage were investigated. The data were obtained by using surveys and Internet Addiction Scale. To evaluate the data; descriptive statistics, Correlation, Mann-Whitney U tests, Cronbach alpha methods and survey with 16 questions were used for statistical analysis.


There is a statistically significant difference in terms of Internet Addiction Scale score between internet addiction and physical complaints such as headache, feeling of stiffness, backache, neck pain and insomnia. Internet Addiction Scale score and time spent on the internet showed a statistically significant correlation.


Increase in internet usage leads to many physical health problems, which may cause serious and permanent damage to physical health. Therefore, the required attention must be given to this subject especially for the benefit of younger generations.  

Keywords: Internet, medical student, headache, neck pain