Internet Addiction: Impact on Academic Performance of Premedical Post-Baccalaureate Students (2017)

Sengupta, Anamika, Lawrence Brako, and Gannady Raskin.

Medical Science Educator (2017): 1-4.


The study identified Internet addicts in a population of post-baccalaureate students (n = 153) enrolled in a USA-based medical school preparatory program, using a standard Internet Addiction Test (IAT). Independent sample t tests, chi-square tests, and multiple regression analyses were used to compare outcomes and measure the contributions made by different predictors toward different outcomes.

Of the total number of subjects, 17% met the criteria for Internet addicts. Students’ age and time spent on the Internet per day were significant predictors underlying their addictive Internet usage. Internet addiction and students’ academic performance also exhibited a significant negative association. A preliminary positive association between Internet addiction and students’ self-reported depression was noted.