Smartphone addiction in university students and its implication for learning (2015)

Lee, Jeongmin, Boram Cho, Youngju Kim, and Jiyea Noh.

In Emerging issues in smart learning, pp. 297-305.  Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2015.


As smartphones are getting popular, a concern for smartphone learner’s addiction to their phones has been raised together with the possibility of Smart Learning. This research is focused on the level of university students’ addiction to their smartphones and to understand the difference between self-regulated learning, learning flow, based on smartphone addiction level. After 210 students of university students in Seoul were participated in this research, it has been found that the higher the addiction level is, the lower level of self -regulated learning the students have, as well as low level of flow when studying.

Further interview for smartphone addiction group was conducted, it has been found that the smartphone addict—learners are constantly interrupted by the other applications on the phones when they are studying, and does not have enough control over their smartphone learning plan and its process.