Socio-emotional ability, temperament and coping strategies associated with different use of Internet in Internet addiction (2018)

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2018 Jun;22(11):3461-3466. doi: 10.26355/eurrev_201806_15171.

Tonioni F1, Mazza M, Autullo G, Pellicano GR, Aceto P, Catalano V, Marano G, Corvino S, Martinelli D, Fiumana V, Janiri L, Lai C.



The aim of the present study was to compare socio-emotional patterns, temperamental traits, and coping strategies, between a group of Internet addiction (IA) patients and a control group.


Twenty-five IA patients and twenty-six healthy matched subjects were tested on IA, temperament, coping strategies, alexithymia and attachment dimensions. Participants reported their prevalent Internet use (online pornography, social networks, online games).


The IA patients using Internet for gaming online showed a greater attitude to novelty seeking and a lower tendency to use socio-emotional support and self-distraction compared to patients using Internet for social networking. Moreover, they showed a lower level of acceptance than patients using Internet for pornography. In the control group, the participants using Internet for online gaming showed higher levels of IA, emotional impairments and social alienation compared to social-networks and pornography users.


Findings showed a higher psychological impairment in gaming online users compared to social networking and online pornography users.

PMID: 29917199