The association between alcohol use and problematic internet use: A large-scale nationwide cross-sectional study of adolescents in Japan (2017)

J Epidemiol. 2017 Jan 17. pii: S0917-5040(16)30123-X. doi: 10.1016/

Morioka H1, Itani O2, Osaki Y3, Higuchi S4, Jike M1, Kaneita Y5, Kanda H6, Nakagome S1, Ohida T1.



This study aimed to clarify the associations between the frequency and amount of alcohol consumption and problematic Internet use, such as Internet addiction and excessive Internet use.


A self-administered questionnaire survey was administered to students enrolled in randomly selected junior and senior high schools throughout Japan, and responses from 100,050 students (51,587 males and 48,463 females) were obtained. Multiple logistic regression analyses were performed in order to examine the associations between alcohol use and problematic Internet, use such as Internet addiction (Young Diagnostic Questionnaire for Internet Addiction ≥5) and excessive Internet use (≥5 h/day).


The results of multiple logistic regression analyses indicated that the adjusted odds ratios for Internet addiction (YDQ ≥5) and excessive Internet use (≥5 h/day) became higher as the number of days in which alcohol had been consumed during the previous 30 days increased. In addition, the adjusted odds ratio for excessive Internet use (≥5 h/day) indicated a dose-dependent association with the amount of alcohol consumed per session.


This study revealed that adolescents showing problematic Internet use consumed alcohol more frequently and consumed a greater amount of alcohol than those without problematic Internet use. These findings suggest a close association between drinking and problematic Internet use among Japanese adolescents.

KEYWORDS:  Adolescent; Alcohol drinking; Cross-sectional; Internet addiction; Japan

PMID: 28142042

DOI: 10.1016/