The association between internet gaming disorder and nicotine dependence: the mediating role of impulsivity (2014)

Alcohol Alcohol. 2014 Sep;49 Suppl 1:i69. doi: 10.1093/alcalc/agu054.78.

Yen JY1, Ko CH2.



Internet gaming disorder (IGD) was a newly defined behavior addiction. However, its associated with other addictive disorder had not been well investigated. This study aimed at evaluating the association between Internet gaming disorder and nicotine dependence.


The subjects with IGD were recruited by advertising post for heavy online gaming users. They are then interviewed by a psychiatrist to confirm their diagnosis based on diagnostic criteria of IGD in DSM-5. The control group was matched to the IGD group based their gender, age, and educational level. They were arranged to evaluate their diagnosis of nicotine dependence and impulsivity (Barrett impulsivity scale).


A total of 91 subjects of IGD (74 males, 17 females) had completed the study and recruited in the final sample. Subjects with IGD were more likely to be diagnosed as nicotine dependence (OR = 6.76, 95%CI: 1.47-31.13). Both subjects with IGD or subjects with nicotine dependence had higher impulsivity. With control of impulsivity, the association between IGD and ND was become insignificant (p = 0.08).


This result suggested the comorbidity between IGD and ND. Further, impulsivity played a medicating role between IGD and ND. It suggested impulsivity could be the share mechanism between behaviour and substance addiction.