The Impact of Internet and PC Addiction In School Performance of Cypriot Adolescents(2013)

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2013;191:90-4.

Siomos K, Paradeisioti A, Hadjimarcou M, Mappouras DG, Kalakouta O, Avagianou P, Floros G.


Hellenic Association for the Study of Internet Addiction Disorder, Larissa, Greece.


In this paper we present the results of a cross-sectional survey designed to ascertain Internet and personal computer (PC) addiction in the Republic of Cyprus. This is a follow-up to a pilot study conducted one year earlier. Data were collected from a representative sample of the adolescent student population of the first and fourth grades of high school. Total sample was 2684 students, 48.5% of them male and 51.5% female.

Research material included extended demographics and an Internet security questionnaire, the Young’s Diagnostic questionnaire (YDQ), the Adolescent Computer Addiction Test (ACAT). Results indicated that the Cypriot population had comparable addiction statistics with other Greek-speaking populations in Greece; 15.3% of the students were classified as Internet addicted by their YDQ scores and 16.3% as PC addicted by their ACAT scores.

Those results are among the highest in Europe. Our results were alarming and have led to the creation of an Internet and PC addiction prevention program which will focus on high-school professor training and the creation of appropriate prevention material for all high-schools, starting immediately after the conclusion of the pan-Cypriot survey, focusing especially on those areas where the frequency of addictive behaviors will be highest.